About Every year thousands of people travel to India to get Laser Eye Treatment to correct their vision. For the same price of a treatment in Europe or USA, visitors can enjoy traveling to a beautiful destination and have their vision corrected via Lasik in India for a fraction of the cost using the same if not better machines and well educated optometrist and doctors. At LaserEye.in, we showcase the most trustworthy doctors and reputable institutions that specialize in Lasik all across India.
MedplusMart is the online gateway to your favourite medical and general store.At medplusmart.com you can order the products you regularly buy from our stores from the convenience of home and pick them up from a MedPlus store near you. To start shopping, simply... Read more
SastaSundar.com is an Innovative Information and Knowledge based web portal that helps people on their path to wellness. We are focused on extending our services to our valuable users with an honest and trustworthy approach, providing them information and knowledge... Read more
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When you purchase medicines on Practo, you can be assured that you will get the medicines you order. Practo has the widest range of medicines online, sourced from our trusted network of pharmacies and medical stores.
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The Shroff Eye Commitment is a statement of confidence in the long-term visual stability of our vision correction procedures and the excellent results we have achieved so far. Though there is no guarantee anywhere in the world for 100 results we have achieved... Read more
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The Kaleido Box is the medicine organization and delivery service offered by Kaleido Health. Put simply, it is your customized pill box. Based on the prescription from your doctor that you provide to us, our pharmacist organizes your medicines into clearly labeled... Read more
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